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2box starts production

Sweden’s 2box has announced the start of production of the long-awaited DrumIt Three module.

The e-drum maker used its Facebook page to announce the development.

“We would like to apologise for postponing the launch of DrumIt Three several times.  But in a last minute decision, we decided to add some more cool features. Thanks to all of you for your patience!”

The company says production is now running and shipping to dealers should start in January.

Inside the latest issue

The Church drummer Tim Powles started drumming at school in his native New Zealand.

Electronics have been a key part of his drumming journey, from the Venetians, using a Roland Drumatix - to the latest Church album which combines acoustics and electronics - including a borrowed TD-1 kit.

He shares his experiences in an in-depth interview which you can find here.

Roland adds monitors

Roland has introduced the PM-100 and PM-200 Personal Monitors, two new amplification systems designed for use with V-Drums electronic percussion products. These compact all-in-one monitors are specially optimised for e-drums.

The PM-100 features 80 W of power, a custom 10” speaker and a tweeter, while the PM-200 features 180 W of power, a custom 12“ speaker, and a horn tweeter. Each monitor is designed to be placed on the floor, and the front face is angled to provide ideal sound coverage for a seated player. A full-width bar handle on top offers a convenient way to carry the monitor and adjust its floor position.                         ...more

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