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New tools for 2box

Lustark Software, the maker of SDSE, has released new tools for the 2box system.

DrumIt Manager is a bundle of two programs: DKit Manager and DSound Tune.

The first is an answer to the difficulties associated with managing kits in 2box’s own software. The second tool adds to 2box drum tuning capability beyond the basic functionality in the DrumIt Five Editor.

Simmons goes sub-$500

Simmons has added a new five-piece, the SD500, to its e-drum line-up. The SD500 kit features a 9” dual-zone snare pad, three 8” tom pads, and kick drum with integrated pedal. Cymbal pads include a 10” hi-hat with pedal, a 12” ride, and a 10” chokable crash.

Toontrack adds Reggae EZX

Toontrack has released the first sound library expansion for EZdrummer 2, the Reggae EZX. The Reggae EZX takes the traditional sound and recording techniques of reggae drums and tweaks them for the new EZdrummer 2 engine.



Need an owner’s manual?

We’ve tracked ‘em down so you can find ‘em. Click here.

Hail to the Queen

A music store competition kick-started a career which has included stints with Prince and Beyoncé. Queen Cora Dunham shares her story with digitalDrummer editor Allan Leibowitz.

Stand and deliver

The growing popularity of two-piece electronic hi-hats and of hybrids means that hi-hat stands are becoming more important to e-drummers. We spoke to the pros to find out about their weapons of choice.

What's up Dock?

Much to the surprise of a large army of naysayers, the first iPad-powered drum module is now available. digitalDrummer has been testing the Alesis DM Dock.