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Brian Frasier-Moore

He’s one of the most sought-after drummers around, and Brian Frasier-Moore uses electronic percussion extensively to enhance his gigs with Madonna, Justin Timberlake, etc.

Is this SD3 by stealth?

The new Progressive Foundry expansion pack from Toontrack is a shot in the arm for Superior Drummer, with an enormous payload of new samples that add colour and texture - not just for lovers of the heavy side of music. We check it out.

E-drums get NAMMplified

digitalDrummer reports from Anaheim on the biggest array of new e-drum products ever assembled. From new hardware to software debuts, we show what’s headed to a store near you - and there’s plenty of good stuff coming soon.

Need an owner’s manual?

We’ve tracked ‘em down so you can find ‘em. Click here.

New Kat out of the bag

Kat Percussion has unveiled a new flagship kit ahead of NAMM next week. The KT4 five-piece drum kit offers better feel and better sounds than its predecessors. The pads include an 8" bass pad fitted with a Mylar drumhead for natural response and plenty of room for double pedals.

New module arriving soon

A new drum module will be launched next month by Japan’s ATV Corporation.

The aD5 boasts high-resolution stereo sound with minimal latency. Importantly, the manufacturer says its module “fully supports trigger pads made by other electronic drum manufacturers”.

Alesis launches Nitro

Alesis has announced a new Nitro electronic drum kit, a complete electronic drum set at an entry-level price.

Nitro features four 8” rubber drum pads, the snare boasting dual zones, plus a kick drum pad with pedal. There are three cymbals — ride, crash w/choke and hi-hat.