August 2018 Edition contents list

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 9:38 am

6 E-drum Vikings 

Allan Leibowitz visited Stockholm to catch up with some e-drum innovators.

10 A few surprises at NAMM

In what some are seeing as an indication of the increasing market penetration of electronic drums, especially at the entry level, there were a couple of new offerings at the Nashville show. 

14 As Yo like it

digitalDrummer was among the first to try Medeli’s latest offering.

20 Roland’s sweet 17

Roland has retired its TD-11 kit, adding a new module, new pads and Bluetooth connectivity. Allan Leibowitz got hold of the top-spec kit, set it up and tried it out.

28 Head2Head: Prism versions

To date, digitalDrummer has tested more than two dozen mesh head variants, and this month, we look at four models from Prism.

32 Just add triggers

They may not be designed as an e-drum solution, but Allan Leibowitz tried triggering a new practice pad set.

36 Profile: Malcolm Holmes

When Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark made its first appearance on Top of the Pops, Malcolm Holmes caused a stir, performing standing up, playing an electronic drum kit. While electronic drumming became an essential part of ‘80s music, Holmes was ahead of his time, using a home-made kit because nothing else was available. 

42 How I use E-drums

MuzikalDunk was the winner of the inaugural Technology category in the 2018 Hit Like a Girl Contest.

44 Big talent for small detail

A couple of years ago, we showcased a few miniature kits built by model makers around the world. Now, we feature the work of another talented miniature artist, Mark Ron Barbacena in the Philippines.

46 Totally toms

E-drum educator Raul Vargas this month turns his attention to the toms, with a few different grooves.

48: Monster Kit

This month, we head over to Essex in the UK, where Matt Hinton shares his kit.

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