Yamaha EAD10 gets an update

Thursday, 21 November 2019 2:43 pm

Yamaha is offering a free firmware update for the EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module, adding new creative functionality and customisable settings for drum recording, rehearsal and teaching applications.

One of the major enhancements is a TalkBack function, especially useful for YouTube content creators. The new setting raises the gain on the microphone while dropping out any of the effects. This means drummers can now talk directly through the EAD, without having to lean in or add a microphone. Users can activate the TalkBack function by pressing the Sensor Unit button, hitting a pad or pushing a foot switch.

Another improvement allows users to record for 90 minutes straight into the USB drive without it cutting out.

For live performances, the click function is now routable to the main stereo outputs and/or USB audio output, providing the option of having the click track in performances and recordings.

Yamaha has also recognised the growing use of silent practice kits with mesh heads and low-volume cymbals and included 42 new ‘scenes’ (or presets) optimised for triggers in quieter setups, such as electronic drums.

Lastly, the firmware update brings options for reducing unwanted background/ambient noise, hum and/or hiss from the mics. The three new settings include the Mic Noise Gate Threshold, which sets the gate’s opening noise level; Mic Noise Gate Release Time, which sets the length of time the gate takes to close; and Jack Noise Reduction, which decreases any unwanted static noises from cables.

The download is available here, but don’t be fooled by the Windows-only label – the files are zip folders which contain the update package that works directly with the module when unzipped to a USB stick.

The updates are both very simple if you follow the instructions included in the download.