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Addictive 2 on its way

XLN Audio has announced the launch of Addictive Drums 2 on May 13, 2014. The new version will be available free to anyone who buys AD on or after March 1st.

The company is remaining tight-lipped about the changes in the new version, revealing only that “Addictive Drums 2 has tons of user-requested features as well as a few surprises from the team at XLN Audio.”.

The upgrade will, however, include new sound-shaping features, new tools for finding and transforming beats and “freedom to choose only the content that matters to you”.

Addictive Drums 1 will be discontinued, but v1 ADpaks will remain on sale until the end of the year.

The upgrade will cost $79.

Anyone upgrading will get updated versions of their existing ADpaks in the new Addictive Drums 2 format for free.


Drumdrops adds Mapex Heavy Rock

Drumdrops has released the Mapex Heavy Rock Kit, available to buy as five separate packs. This kit is based on the Mapex Saturn Kit which is a favourite for many rock drummers. This is a great sounding rock kit and is available as a Kontakt instrument, multiple sampler software, drum replacement software or just WAV samples.

The kit belongs to UK rock drummer Jason Bowld (Axewound, Bullet For My Valentine, Pop Will Eat Itself) who has used it on all his recordings for the last five years for producers such as Andy Sneap, Romesh Dodangoda, Machine, Ulrich Wilde and Colin Richardson.

The samples include three different Mapex snares and four different crash cymbals, all carefully sampled in a bright sounding live room.

The Kontakt 5 pack includes up to 16 velocities of each articulation and in total it utilises 7,119 samples. Included in the Kontakt pack is the latest version of the Drumdrops Kontakt 5 interface.

A review of the first two Drumdrops Kontakt5 packs is featured in the May issue of digitalDrummer, out soon.

The Kontakt Pack is available via download at £52.00 / $82.00 / €60.20.


Groove3 explains Kontakt 5

Online trainer Groove3 has released KONTAKT 5 Update Explained in which studio master Mark Struthers explains the new features added to Native Instruments KONTAKT version 5.

Struthers begins with an introduction briefly discussing the new additions to KONTAKT 5. He then begins with a detailed look at the new filters included with version 5, revealing the Variable Filters, SV Filters, Ladder Filters, Adaptive Resonance Filters and more.

Like other Groove3 products, this offering unveils the finer details of this industry standard software sampler.

It includes 14 tutorials (1hr 33min runtime) and can be downloaded or streamed to iPad, iPhone and iPod.


Pintech offers white heads

Responding to customer requests, Pintech Percussion will be offering its Reaction Series mesh heads in white.

Owner Ryan Guard explains that the company used to offer mesh heads in white, but changed to black years ago.

“Recent demand for a high-quality mesh head at a decent price drove Pintech to start up production on the white colour,” he adds.

Pintech is currently taking pre-orders on the white heads in all sizes, with shipping estimated to begin in May.

“We understand that there are many other brands out there, but we believe no one matches our quality for the price. We've done years of extensive testing with various kinds of mesh, and believe that our mesh is the best when it comes to feel and durability.  Combine that with our reinforced rubber edge to prevent stretching and tearing, and you have a strong product that feels natural while not breaking the drummer’s bank".