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New Kat out of the bag

Kat Percussion has unveiled a new flagship kit ahead of NAMM next week. The KT4 five-piece drum kit offers better feel and better sounds than its predecessors. The pads include an 8" bass pad fitted with a Mylar drumhead for natural response and plenty of room for double pedals. The KT4 kit includes a DW hi-hat pedal and a 12" hi-hat pad with real hi-hat pedal mechanics.

The module boasts 780 drum sounds, including custom-sampled Gretsch, DW, and LP drum sounds, and the kit has a street price of $1,699.

Kat has also extended its amplifier range with the launch of the HD400 hi-definition e-drum speaker system. It faithfully reproduces the full sound of any drum module at low to high volumes and is powerful enough for a club yet small enough for a home.

New module arriving soon

A new drum module will be launched next month by Japan’s ATV Corporation.

The aD5 boasts high-resolution stereo sound with minimal latency.

Importantly, the manufacturer says its module “fully supports trigger pads made by other electronic drum manufacturers”.

The module supports 10 trigger inputs via a custom connector and two ¼ in. jacks. It has an SD card slot, MIDI via USB and two-channel output.

More details will be published when they are released.

Alesis launches Nitro

Alesis has announced a new Nitro electronic drum kit, a complete electronic drum set at an entry-level price.

Nitro features four 8” rubber drum pads, the snare boasting dual zones, plus a kick drum pad with pedal. There are three cymbals — ride, crash w/choke and hi-hat. Nitro’s four-post aluminum mounting rack keeps everything solid and secure and is far more resistant to hard playing than the shaky mounting schemes normally found on similarly-priced items. Also included is the powerful Nitro electronic drum module with hundreds of percussion sounds, 40 different kits with 385 drum and cymbal sounds and 60 built-in play-along tracks.

The Nitro kit will be available in Q4 2015 and will ship with an MSRP of £299.99

Two more from Toontrack

Toontrack has released two new sample libraries - the Progressive Foundry SDX and Progressive EZX.

The Foundry pack includes five complete kits, a total of 17 snare drums, 31 cymbals and five hi-hats – all captured on 26 separate channels and spanning 63 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds.

The EZX sound library is designed for primary use in EZdrummer 2 but works in Superior Drummer 2 as well. It features a custom selection of content from The Progressive Foundry SDX for Superior Drummer 2. It comes with three complete kits recorded by engineer/producer Forrester Savell.

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