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Roland releases TD-25

Roland has debuted the TD-25KV and TD-25K V-Drums, two new mid-level kits in the V-Drums line-up. Featuring the all-new TD-25 sound module, these kits offer serious players quality sound and expressive playability that rivals Roland's flagship TD-30 V-Drums. The TD-25KV and TD-25K also include many great extras for productivity and music practice, including quick sound customization, onboard Coach functions, and built-in audio recording capability.

The TD-25KV and TD-25K use Roland's SuperNATURAL technology with Behavior Modeling inherited from the top-of-the-line TD-30. With sounds that respond organically to the player's touch, the TD-25 module provides the dynamic, interactive feel that's essential for reaching the highest levels of musical expression. From rim shots, rolls, flams, and ghost notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbal swells, every nuance is detailed, accurate, and ultra-smooth.

The TD-25 module supports positional sensing on the snare and includes a streamlined interface that makes it easy to select and adjust sounds. A large center dial allows users to quickly choose kits based on the music style they want to play, and sounds can be edited simply by striking a pad and using the module's knobs to change instruments and adjust tuning, muffling, and levels. Toms can be edited as a group, greatly speeding up the process. Changes to kits are saved automatically, eliminating the need to fuss with extra steps.

The TD-25 module also includes many beneficial features for music practice. Users can play along with WAV and MP3 music tracks stored on USB memory, and songs can be slowed down or looped in specific areas to learn parts. It's also possible to record drumming performances (along with music playback) as audio files to USB memory for evaluation and sharing. Additionally, users can develop their drumming skills with the convenient onboard Coach functions.

The TD-25 sound module is equipped with a USB host port as well, providing a convenient connection for recording audio and MIDI data directly into DAW software.

Michael Schack shares kits

digitalDrummer e-drummer of the year Michael Schack is making his personal TD-30 kits available for download.
Schack has been using his unique TD-30 presets in his gigs as an international V-Drums artist/demonstrator and as the energetic live drummer with international Drum'nBass artist Netsky and his own duo project, SquarElectric. Also included in the download are two of the main kits he uses with Milk Inc.

IK Multimedia updates SampleTank

IK Multimedia has announced a major update to its SampleTank workstation in the form of version 3.5. The update consists of 11 new sound collections, which are now also available in IK's new SampleTank "Custom Shop". Also introduced - by popular demand - are a spread of new features that make browsing SampleTank 3's thousands of sounds and patterns even faster and easier than ever before.

Released in 2014, SampleTank 3 has become an indispensable tool for professional musicians due to its 33 GB library of bread-and-butter sounds (with over 4,000 instruments from every category), 55 high-quality effects, MIDI patterns, advanced groove tools and a powerfully enhanced sample engine. Now that functionality is being pushed further via the introduction of a range of downloadable sound libraries that will expand and grow alongside SampleTank 3, allowing its world of sounds to be customized to suit the needs of any creative workflow.

Compact kit from Simmons

Simmons has launched the SD100KIT five-piece compact electronic drum set. Sporting a sharp, new industrial design and a space-conscious footprint, the SD100KIT is ideal  for beginners and students, as well as drummers looking for a practice kit. Compact enough to fit neatly into a bedroom, office, or home studio,  the SD100KIT features drum pads with real drum feel and a sound module with new, professional-quality sounds. 

The kit includes a drum bar with a snare, three tom pads, two cymbals, a hi-hat, and an integrated, super-stable tripod stand.

The sound module delivers 170 drum sounds,10 preset drum kits, and 10 songs, as well as one user kit and a user song. The 1/8-inch TRS stereo line output enables easy connection with any amp or mixer, while the 1/8-inch TRS stereo line input can be used with MP3 players for jamming along. It also offers a USB port for instant connectivity to play and record drums on your computer. The pads connect with the sound module via RS-232 multi-pin port for quick, easy set up and breakdown.