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Drumdrops adds BFD3 option

Sample producer Drumdrops has added its first sample pack for BF.! The Gretch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit, capturing the classic Al Green/Al Jackson Jr. drum sound, is recorded with five mics and features treatments such as wallets on snares, tea-towels on toms and chains on ride cymbals. It also includes a percussion selection featuring congas, tambourine and shakers.

Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit BFD Pack is available from 4pm GMT, 18th February 2015 at - you will need a user account. The first 20 lucky customers get the pack for free, the next 30 for £15 and the next 50 for £25 after which the price returns to the usual price of £35 (international prices may vary).

Steven Slate adds Blackbird Studios

Steven Slate Drums has released the Blackbird Studios Drum expansion pack for SSD and TRIGGER.

The pack honours the legendary Blackbird Studios, the studio of choice for the industry's greatest artists, from Pearl Jam to Bruce Springsteen.

The pack contains an extremely diverse and expansive sample set in Blackbird drums, from old Rogers kits to brand new Craviatto kits.

John McBride recorded in three of his most famous rooms: A, C and D, which all deliver unique tones. Included are six knew ick drum samples, 10 snares, seven sets of toms, two new hi-hats, a new ride and four new crashes.

Roland updates trigger range

Roland has introduced the RT-30 series, its latest generation of acoustic drum triggers. Improvements include a more streamlined design, easier setup, and compatibility with the latest drum hardware.

The RT-30 series gives drummers an easy solution for using their acoustic drums as triggers for a hybrid setup without incorporating additional pads. With quick, simple mounting on kick, snare, and tom drums, RT-30 triggers open up a world of sound possibilities when connected to devices such as Roland’s TM-2 Trigger Module, TD-series V-Drums sound modules, and SPD-series percussion pads.

Three different models are included in the RT-30 series. The RT-30H is a single-trigger device that provides drumhead-based triggering for most standard drums. The dual-trigger RT-30HR offers independent head and rim triggering, allowing the user to play two different sounds from the same drum. This makes it ideal for use on snare. Rounding out the series is the RT-30K, which is designed for use with bass drums.

Logic Pro X update

Apple has released an upgrade for its Logic Pro X DAW.

Version 10.1 features some enhancements to the Drummer features and includes several new instruments and tools.

The upgrade expands the appeal of Logic Pro to musicians producing electronic-based genres like EDM and Hip Hop, providing 10 specialised drummers and 20 new electronic kits.

Drum-related improvements include a New Drum Machine Designer plug-in, the ability create a sequence of notes with a single mouse gesture using the new Brush Tool in the Piano Roll Editor and Smart Quantise, which proportionally corrects the timing and length of notes to preserve the musicality of your original performance

Logic Pro X 10.1 is on sale for around $250 and is downloadable as free update for existing users. Upgrades are also available for Logic Remote 1.2 and MainStage 1.3.