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New Drumdrops BFD pack

Drumdrops is releasing the Alan Moulder mixed 1970s Slingerland Classic Rock Kit BFD Pack on 17th June with a special offer.

This is the British sample maker’s second kit as a drum expansion pack for FXpansions BFD. The BFD pack of the 1970s Slingerland Classic Rock kit is compatible with BFD2, BFD3 and BFD Eco.

The kit was mixed by Alan Moulder  Alan is Britain’s premier alternative rock producer / mix engineer. He has worked on some of rock's most iconic records including Nine Inch Nails, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Jesus & Mary Chain and Foals. Alan won the Brits Producer of the year award in 2014.

The kit consists of a 24" Kick drum, five toms - 12", 13", 14"and 15" rack toms a huge 18" floor tom and a signature 14" x 7" deep Radio King snare. The cymbals used were 14" Zildjian New Beat Hi-hats, a Zildjian K Custom 22" ride, a Zildjian K Dark thin 18" crash and a Zildjian Vintage Cie 16" crash. The kit was recorded at Miloco's The Pool Studios in London using vintage pre-amps and ribbon mics.

The first 15 packs will be free, the next 50 will be £15, the next 50 £25 and then it will return to the retail price of £35.

Customers will need to have a Drumdrops account to purchase the kit. Login at 4pm BST (UK time on the 17th of June) and head to the Buy Kit page.

New AD2 ADpak

XLNaudio has released the United Pop ADpak.

Recorded in Hollywood’s United Recording studio, formerly known as Ocean Way, the pack features a a vintage Leedy & Ludwig kit.

The studio has been used by Beck, The Beach Boys, John Mayer, Madonna, No Doubt, Weezer, U2 and Michael Jackson, and the original recording rooms have remained untouched.

The kit features a Ludwig nickel over brass snare and an ancient but great sounding Japanese-made "Trump" branded snare.

The ADpak includes over 30 presets that deliver instant, radio-ready sounds in many different flavours.

It’s available for download now at $79.95.

Toontrack adds SD expansion

Toontrack has released the Independent SDX, an expansion for the company’s flagship drum sampler Superior Drummer 2 featuring a massive 25 GB sound library of raw, unprocessed sounds recorded at the Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle, WA.

The Independent SDX comes from the same sessions as the Indie Folk EZX but features the raw, unprocessed recordings. In addition, it comes with two extra complete kits, several additional instruments and a total of 16 mixer channels.

It contains five complete kits of vintage and rare drums showcasing an incredible range and detail. The kits include Gretsch, Slingerland, WFL, Ludwig and Sonor) as well as a mallets version of the Gretsch set.

Bozzio joins SampleTank 3

IK Multimedia has added Terry Bozzio Drums to its Sample Tank 3 arsenal.

The pack is a huge library of drum kit samples and loops that captures the idiosyncratic essence of the master drummer whose work with Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, UK and Jeff Beck is the stuff of rock god legends.

Terry Bozzio Drums includes a 1.7 GB library with more than 1,800 drum samples and 350 loops all played by Terry Bozzio, and recorded by Ken Scott.

The collection includes 10 playable drum kit instruments. The complete kit includes two kick drums, two snares, six highly stylized roto toms (each played with four articulations), hi-hats, ride and several unusual and exotic additional percussive elements that include things like china cymbals, stacked cymbals and more. All of the kit's drums have been recorded at eight different velocities, with as many as eight round-robin hits per velocity.

All of these drums are mapped using an extended General MIDI mapping which lets users mix-and-match elements from the Terry Bozzio kit with elements from other SampleTank 3 drum libraries.