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ATV launches second product

ATV corporation has announced the launch of its second e-drum product, the aFrame.

The aFrame enables performers to organically express their musicality just as if they were playing an acoustic instrument—the player controls the subtlety of the performance. ATV’s proprietary “Adaptive Timbre Technology”* responds to the acoustic percussion playing techniques of striking, pressing, and friction. With nuance, the player can produce sounds that have tonal variation and effect controls not possible with existing digital percussion.

The playing surface of the aFrame is made of a hi-tech material with excellent bounce and friction characteristics, yet it has the familiar feel of headed acoustic percussion.

Tones can be created using the onboard acoustic and electronic sounds, and further enhanced with internal high-definition stereo effects. Up to 80 user-defined tones can be saved in the built-in memory.

The aFrame can be held with the hands like a frame drum, placed on a stand, or held with a neck strap. The unique diamond shape of the aFrame aids in the production of varied tones — it all depends on where you strike it.

New Dream Pop EZX

Toontrack has announced the release of the Dream Pop EZX, a drum library expansion for EZdrummer 2 combining acoustic drums and classic machines with creative percussion elements, all honed and shaped with cutting-edge sound design to never-before-heard drum kit hybrids, tailored for modern music-making. Helmed by the creative duo of Addeboy vs. Cliff, the Dream Pop EZX was produced in collaboration with Toontrack’s Mattias Eklund. Addeboy vs. Cliff has collectively produced, written and recorded with acts like Say Lou Lou, Adam Tensta and Roxette. Mattias is the founder of Toontrack and has a long history of audio engineering, mixing and sound design.

The Dream Pop EZX comes with 29 preset kits made up by a total of close to 250 individual percussive sounds. In addition to traditional acoustic drums and classic drum machine sounds, you’ll find completely new hybrids and textured percussive foley sampled from a rich variety of elements. Get creative renditions of stomps, claps, snares and kicks – but also, a set of chromatic pad-like sounds as well as a collection of ever-changing filter loops made in a modular system.

FXpansion releases BFD Metal Snares

Audio software developer has announced the availability of BFD Metal Snares -  a collection of premium metal-shell snare drums for BFD3.

"The snare drum is the center of the beat and it can make or break a song," say FXpansion sound designers Drew Vernon and Mike Bugh. "The drums we chose are made by manufacturers like Sonor and Pearl that are renowned for metal snares that really stand out in a mix.”

Each snare drum was recorded with 2 top mics, 1 bottom mic and 1 side mic, along with mono room, ribbon room, and far room ambience channels. Two additional stereo reverb channels were added to achieve a massive sound. The five hand-selected snare drums were recorded with wires on and off and are included in both natural and processed versions.

BFD Metal Snares is available to purchase and download directly from FXpansion for USD $70.

New flagship for Roland

Roland has announced the TD-50KV and TD-50K V-Drums, two new flagship kits, powered by the new TD-50 sound module and featuring the new PD-140DS Digital Snare and CY-140DR Digital Ride.

Additional features include user sample playback via SD memory, multi-track recording via USB, balanced audio outputs, and more.

At the heart of the TD-50KV and TD-50K is the TD-50, an all-new sound module with advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling. Working along with the sophisticated sensing capabilities of the new snare pad and ride cymbal, the TD-50’s high-resolution processing delivers the most lifelike, resonant, and expressive sounds ever heard from an electronic drum kit, according to the e-drum giant.

In addition to its many preset kits, the TD-50 module supports deep sound customization, including adjustment of heads and shells, layering of internal and user samples, and adjustment of overhead mics and ambience. A compressor and three-band EQ can be controlled for each individual pad, while three independent multi-effects can treat specific drums. There’s also a multiband compressor and four-band equalizer for final processing on the entire kit. And with the new Snapshot feature, users can compare any sound edits before making permanent changes.

The TD-50 includes many other features not available in previous V-Drums modules. Users can load their own custom samples onto an SD card and trigger them from any of the pads. Via USB, the TD-50 can connect to a computer DAW and send up to 10 channels of audio, making it easy to capture multi-track drum performances in song productions.

The TD-50 also offers master XLR outputs and eight TRS balanced outputs for individual drums, a convenient feature for stage performers.

The TD-50KV and TD-50K each come with new snare and ride pads that hook up to the TD-50 module via high-speed digital connections. The 14-inch PD-140DS Digital Snare features Roland’s newly developed multi-element sensor system and a three-layer mesh head for natural rebound and feel. Working together with the module’s advanced processing, hits across every area of the pad are more closely detected, and playing dynamics are captured in minute detail. The CY-18DR Digital Ride offers a comfortable 18-inch size with familiar motion, plus a new high-resolution, multi-sensor system that detects every stroke from edge to bell areas. In conjunction with the TD-50 module, players can enjoy dynamics and response not previously possible with any ride cymbal pad. The kits have should retail for around $7500 (TD-50KV) and $4,800 for the TD-50K.

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