What do e-drummers want?

digitalDrummer and Gibraltar hardware recently conducted a survey into the use of e-drums and here are some of the key findings:

1)     Volume control is one of the main benefits of e-drums, ranked important or very important by 83% of respondents.

2)     The ability to modify sounds (tuning and FX) is a core requirement for 84% of e-drummers.

3)     It seems that acoustic drum sounds are the most important requirement, with less than half of respondents seeing much value in non-acoustic sounds.

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E-drummers exposed

E-drummers are among the musicians featured in From The Riser: A Drummer’s Perspective II, a coffee-table book by photographer and drummer David Phillips.

The self-published book celebrates its first anniversary this month and follows in the footsteps of his first book, A Drummer's Perspective, published in 2010 and reviewed in digitalDrummer.


10 things to love about SD3

This month's release of Superior Drummer 3 may be a bit overdue, but was certainly worth the wait. Here are some of the features which make this VST offering a new benchmark.

1)     Fully integrated solution

SD3 is a standalone software product, and no longer requires a host such as the Solo product required to run SD2. One click, and you're behind the kit and in the studio with SD3.

2)     Samples galore

SD3 “ships” with more than 230 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds. That's almost 15 times the size of SD2 (19 GB). Of course, this is an enormous download which would have taken more than 1,000 hours on my Internet connection, so thankfully, an SSD 'hard copy' version is also available. The samples are rich and detailed with up to 25 velocity layers per instrument.